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Simbula Ne Basco

Basco Products Uganda Ltd is a paint manufacturing company where its factory is based in Kampala. The company commenced its operation in Uganda in year 2008. The company caters to the Premium market with its Duracoat range and Basco range for the Economy markets.

We were contacted to launch a “scratch & win Promo in Uganda for a period of 3 months in order to persuade off-take of its products at the retail counters.


Advertising Campaign


Basco Uganda Ltd




The Idea

We tapped into a trending colloquial term "Simbula" loosely translated to mean "Get Going." 

Our message was simple, sometimes what you need to change your life is one phone call, and Basco was giving you the airtime to do get going. 

We then translated that idea across Radio with a catchy jingle, and across Digital Out Of Home sites all present in 10 districts and translated into 7 languages.

Simbula Ne Basco Paint Jingle Kafunda Kreative
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