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You Really Don’t Need Money to Launch a Creative Project

The task of starting a creative project can be daunting. But is it really? Most people look at money as being the biggest obstacle when it comes to investing into an unproven creative venture. The thought of losing even a dime, let alone finding enough money to start the process is always a difficult one.

But the truth is you can still go ahead and launch that ambitious project on little or no money. There are a number of people that have started creative projects without spending a lot of money, at least initially.

Before you make the decision to start working on this project, first consider how much time you are willing to dedicate to it depending on what your goals are. Is it for enjoyment? Is it to launch a career? Define for yourself what you’re hoping to achieve before you go about the business of launching your creative project.

Here’s how to launch a creative project on little to no budget;

Start with what you have

At the outset of looking to start a new business take stock of what you have at your disposal. Consider your skills, experience, knowledge and tangible resources. Go beyond what comes to mind immediately and think a little more deeply about what you have at your disposal.

Take into account who you know

What you have needs to be combined with who you know for it to have real power. Take stock of the relationships you have with others, map out your network of connections and consider how your connections could enable you to use what you have more effectively.

Invest what you can afford to lose

If you have only put in what you can afford to lose, you maintain flexibility in the business and minimize stress in managing it. If you are only willing to invest when you expect that you can get a specific return, there is a strong chance that you may never take the leap and launch the business you always dreamed of owning.

Experiment and adapt

Flexibility and adaptability are a competitive advantage. You succeed not by becoming too fixated on a single goal or outcome but by being responsive to changes in the environment. The creative with the alternative mindset has to stand ready to make do with whatever comes their way and learn to transform both positive and negative contingencies into useful components of new opportunities.

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