Writer, Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire on Inspiration and The Perfect time to Write

Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire is a Ugandan writer and lawyer, and the co-founder of the Centre for African Cultural Excellence (CACE), the organisation that curates the pan-African Writivism literary initiative.He is the author of a chap book, "Fables out of Nyanja",and a monograph, "Finding Foot as an International Court; The Prospects and Challenges of the East African Court of Justice".

His work has appeared in literary journals, anthologies and academic publications, including the Chimurenga Chronic, Uganda Modern Literary Digest, Saraba magazine, New Black Magazine, AFLA Quarterly, the Kalahari Review, Short Story Day Africa, The Guardian, The World To Come and African Roar, among others.

He shares on what inspires his writing and the perfect time to write:

Something happened to me in January 2019 and has fundamentally changed what I write. While I used to write about politics before, my writing on freedom and liberation since January 2019 has taken a more urgent turn.

My lived experience I'd say shapes my writing.

The right time to write, aware of the particular situation we find ourselves in as people born in or tied to the colony, to the plantation, the enterprise that is Uganda depends on the form / genre of story I am working on.

Fiction comes when I am able to have a break from worrying about dictatorship which is rare, when I am not checking the door every minute worried about how it could be broken into any second, or not reaching out to yet another victim of Museveni's murderous methods of controlling the colony.

The nonfiction I write, the profiles and think pieces are directly tied to the freedom struggle in Uganda and elsewhere. They're my contribution to the struggle.

As Stella Nyanzi says, my weapon is the keyboard. So, the right time to write for me, depends on the form / genre of story I am working on.

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