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Working Remotely Isn’t a Walk in the Park: How do you Keep Your Team Motivated?

Everyone has different motivations and needs. If you build a strong team, they motivate themselves relieving you of that task while the opposite is also true.

Having a motivated team works best when people understand what “you” as a team are trying to achieve and their part in that activity.

Fostering an environment where the occasional blunders or mistakes are not the end of the world and where if one is stuck they don’t feel embarrassed to admit it should be every manager’s goal.

Ideally, there should be less overlap in skill sets as this lessens arguments when the end result is merely subjective and there are many ways to achieve the desired goal.

Ask people where they can add value and empower them to do it.

Regular catch-ups are helpful as is having regular discussions around deadlines and expectations so that no one is blindsided.

This system helps you encourage, assist and be there as support when the team needs you, but ultimately they should be just as self-motivating. If that’s not the case, just micromanage the crap out of them or fire them and find replacements.

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