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Why Your Soft Skills will get you more Photography gigs compared to your technical prowess

There are a couple of successful photographers out there. That does not necessarily mean they are the best. They may either have mastered their technical (hard) skills to the dot or the soft skills of client relationships and communication. Two different skill sets exercised by two different artists do work for either ,but for one to become a really successful photographer, they should employ and balance both skill sets.

The best photographers possess 25% hard skills and 75% Soft skills. The hard skills are internal skills that can be improved by studying or practicing and they encompass the technical and artistic side. Although these are really important, they are clearly not the sole means to success.

The Soft skills on the other hand play a greater role in the photography process. They are external and have to be practiced with people. You may be able to understand them better when broken down into Communication and understanding.

Communication is a very important soft Skill since it is the key to building a relationship. Being able to communicate with people and discuss their interests, backgrounds, and anything other than photography is an extremely important soft skill. It involves smiling, being genuine, and being interested in what others have to say. You’d be surprised how much this could do for you.

It’s the ability to use positive and reinforcing words as well as provide positive solutions to your client’s sometimes random requests.

When it comes to posing, there’s a technical side to it,but much of posing comes down to communication and how you guide and direct your clients. You can have the know-how of what makes a good pose, but you need to have the ability to communicate and guide your clients through it.

Understanding involves talking less, listening more and asking targeted questions so you know what their vision is. When you seek to understand your clients’ wants, needs, and concerns, as well as having the ability to address and resolve those concerns, it will show that you are present in the moment.

Having the ability to communicate clearly and understand people makes you an empathetic communicator, able to understand their vision and share your own vision effectively.

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