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Why Your Best bet when hiring is Initiative, NOT Experience

Have you ever wondered why most recruiters are so obsesses with resumes? Of course, they want to see how credible of a candidate you are based off your past work and experience. Only because of the popular belief that a great track record is the best way to judge if a candidate is well equipped to handle the job at hand.

But that belief might not work when it comes to the world of creatives. In a space where initiative is given very high precedence, experience might not be the first thing considered while hiring. This is because ideas require bold initiative to gain traction, that’s why we have to re-consider the ‘’popular’’ criteria of hiring.

Each and every team needs individuals that are willing to jump in almost immediately and get started, and with initiative comes tenacity and a healthy degree of impatience with idleness.

You should therefore consider candidates that have previously taken initiative in their personal interests. The fact that someone took extraordinary initiative is undoubtedly the best indicator that they would do the same in their future job.

People who dig deeply into their interests and naturally become leaders are likely to do so time and time again. And although this might not be the most popular criteria to recruit new employees due to the human tendency of avoiding risk, it should be considered as primary criteria.

The truth is that if you are fortunate enough to come across a real doer of things who is passionate, generates ideas and proceeds to take action, you have struck gold, and should not think twice about recruiting that person.

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