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Where Do The Most Creative People Find Inspiration? How does one discover creative potential?

Ever wondered what nourishes sustained productivity in the lives of creative people? Unlike mapped out procedures and steps to arrive to desired results, the creative process has never had a clean, linear process. There is no specific inspiration moment where a fully formed answer just shows up. It instead takes strokes of genius to happen over time in the end bringing a great idea into the world by drips and drabs, false starts, and rough sketches. The fact that creativity is a continuous process requires individuals to entirely focus on their ideas with intention and purpose, which is not as easy as it sounds. Inspiration is therefore important in steering the process. Different people are inspired by different things: places, people, music, paintings, and silence. Whatever it is that gives your creative juices flow, tap into that more often. Some of the commonest places creatives pick inspiration include: Conversation with Friends Your friends will have perspectives totally different from yours, so don’t underestimate the power of a simple conversation. Your Existence Look for inspiration and creativity within you. Keeping a journal might help. Silence and Quiet Morning or night, the same fact holds true: there is something innately inspiring about getting work done while the rest of the world sleeps. Words (Books) Words are a wonderful thing. Become so curious that you want to read everything you get your hands on. Observe how things like the weight or texture of a book could offer clues for what’s hiding under the cover. Nature Explore a trail while keeping an eye out for animal and plant life. Observe the unique quirks and behaviors of each. Turn off your inner-chatter, crank up your listening ear, and enjoy the sounds of the whole other world you are now a part of. Music Depending on the kind of creative task a person is grappling with, certain types of music may be helpful.

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