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Covid 19 is without a doubt the greatest disruptor of our generation. This Novel virus that recently passed the two million infection mark worldwide and claimed thousands of lives is shaking the world at its very foundation. It has us questioning our habits, routines and systems. As we imagine what the world will look like when the dust finally settles, here is what we see.

Because every organization is rethinking their structure and reliance of full time employees, we believe there is going to be a huge boost to the temp and freelancer economy post Covid 19. The catch is that this economy, because of the reduced income and the anticipated limitations on travel and interaction a post Covid world will have, will favor the most skilled of us. Those with a firm grasp of the technical requirements to do the job and the soft skills to keep the client will rule the day.

The new world will also be one that demands collaboration. The strand that was holding on to brick and motor system will be cut. The absence of limits of the brick and motor office will allow people to be employed from anywhere in a much larger volume that ever before in our history. As you read this, people are innovating further around collaboration software, ways to enhance security and re-imagine legal frameworks to allow a level of remote work without compromising patents and ideas. The world for the lone wolf seems to be shrinking.

Because of a need to access talent remotely but also maintain a level of trust, there will be an increased reliance of employement agencies and booking networks like Kafunda Kreative. Employees will look for pre-vetted , pre-approved talent to access their top work without having to incur the overheads that come with full time staff. Being part of ecosystems like this will not only give you access to valuable work but also protect you from the vultures who seek to exploit this new world of opportunity.

This new world is why we are working tirelessly to build a system that is focused on skilling & tooling creatives so that a future that looks grim today is definitely brighter tomorrow. A future where it’s not about what name is on the door but the quality of work produced. A future where its not about who you know but what you know. A brighter future. A future for the freelancer proving opportunities for the little man. Sign up for that future via

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