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What Have You Heard About These Freelancing Myths?

Freelancers are creating the life they want, but they may face doubts about their income, their quality of life, and the opportunities available. A lot of data from freelance knowledge workers shows that many beliefs about freelancing are little more than myths. The reality is highlighted by new data from Freelancing in America, a comprehensive study of the U.S. independent workforce by Edelman Intelligence.I know freelancers from all over the world can relate to this data. What many don’t understand is that the skilled work performed by independent knowledge workers is in important ways more similar to full-time professional jobs rather than the one-off, relatively low-skilled gigs many associate with the freelance economy. Here are three common misconceptions about freelancing and the real truth about them that this data seeks to address: 1. That there aren’t meaningful career opportunities for freelancers and it’s only a matter of time before the fad ends. 72% of Freelancers say they have the amount of work they want, or more. 2. Freelancers don’t earn enough money to make a living. 64% of freelancers expect their income from freelancing to increase in the coming year. 3. The stress and uncertainty that comes with independent work take a toll on freelancers’ happiness. 62% are freelancing by choice versus necessity.

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