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What does the Future of Freelancing Look like?

While it’s unclear what’s to come in the future, one thing is clear. Freelancing is a feature of the modern workforce and is likely to remain so. As businesses rapidly adopt more flexible, remote work models, they are more open to working with independent freelancers than ever before. Nearly half of hiring managers have cited that they are more likely to hire independent professionals in the future than they were prior to the crisis.

At the same time, many professionals are entering the freelance workforce for the first time drawn by the freedom and flexibility this way of working provides. Since freelancing and remote work often go hand-in-hand, choosing flexibility over the shackles of a building, cubicle or desk also just seems logical. Non-freelancers who are new to remote work due to the pandemic are now considering freelancing in the future.

COVID-19 has certainly disrupted work for everyone. Nothing is likely to ever be the same. Yet, in the midst of this crisis, the freelance workforce is demonstrating its agility and ability to adapt to change. A number of freelancers say perceptions of freelancing have turned a corner and are becoming more positive, while nearly 90 percent agree that the best days lie ahead.

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