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Voting: Creatives have Got Work to do

In principle, democratic voting should be one of the simplest processes in the world. Everyone chooses what they want, and everyone’s opinion is counted. The most popular vote wins.

Yet like all things, complexity announces itself and sets us some problems. The question is: Is there a way democratic voting can be refined in the future?

Well, It seems inevitable that we will move to digital voting as a standard at some point in the future and while it won’t replace the current means overnight, it can add another channel to help reach and engage more people.

There are obvious barriers of privacy and security to overcome with this system, but the principle is a worthy one, for the simple reason that we can figure out how to take advantage of digital to reduce some of the irregularities that come with voting.

And if we don’t know how best to do that quite yet, that is all the more reason to start prototyping a new kind of voting service. So, guys……………..let’s get to work.

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