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UCC Sets New Rules and Regulations for the Creative Industry

The government of Uganda has set seven conditions for all artists to follow if they are to perform anywhere in the country. According to government, the rules and regulations are aimed at streamlining and promoting sanity in the Arts and entertainment industry.

These are the rules and regulations:

1. A committee may be forced to ask a musician or a video/film producer a ransom before recording the video in question so that she/he does not break the laws and guidelines the committee has given them to follow.

2. A special committee has been formed to analyze any play, song or film before it's premiered or recorded. The committee must first study it and if any changes are made during the process, the committee must be informed of them.

3. If you have written a play , song or film in a local language, you must translate it to English before submitting it to the committee to get permission to put it out.

4. Video/film producers, photographers who take photos of artists must first seek permission from the committee before doing any business with artists.

5. A musician before recording any video of the approved song has to first seek permission from the committee and also inform them of the venue he/she is going to record from, including all material to be used.

6. It will be a crime for any artist to perform in any show or in the public without a license from the ministry of ICT.

7. An actor or musician intending to carry out any show or perform in any show must first seek permission from the committee which will be formed by both UCC and Ministry of ICT. The committee will decide the amount one will pay to be given that permission.

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