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#TheDesignGarage: David Ogutu on What Kafunda Kreative is doing for Creatives to Thrive Post COVID19

The Design Garage returned last Friday with David Ogutu, Team Lead and Co-Founder, Kafunda Kreatives as Guest Mechanic. Kafunda Kreatives is a fellowship of creatives working and growing together while collaborating to tell stories that change minds, transform communities and build memorable brands, products, and services. The initiative skills, tools and grows top talent, connecting them to great work.

David spoke on the topic, ‘What Kafunda Kreatives is doing for Creatives to Thrive Post COVID19.’

How the idea of Kafunda Kreative came about

It was birthed by the desire for a strong sense of collaboration and growth together to create brands and products that ‘kick ass.’ David wanted to figure out a way to carry on the culture of collaboration , and how to scale it.

What Kafunda Kreative is doing for Creatives to Thrive Post COVID19

Skill share is such an important part of learning. It’s also expensive for people to get creative skilling. We know that Skill-sharing is possible, and is a lot more affordable since most tools like cameras are very pricey and out of reach for creatives. Currently, we are working on 'Kreative Kliniks,’ a skill share series to help creatives learn more skills.

We are also looking at the logistics of protecting Creatives’ work i.e. The Legal, Administrative and financial support. It’s hard to go after them as individuals in case of situations like copyright infringement but the collective gives them more power and voice. We are currently growing a capacity to do this.

If a creative has a contract, they can run it through us. At Kafunda Kreative, we are trying to make the creative industry as simple as possible so that people can focus on their work as we help them deal with every other thing ,like connecting them to creative work.

Why He is attracted to Creatives and story telling

Creatives are attractive to me because I am a creative, and struggled with certain things, that I can maybe revert for others joining this field now . I want to build a system or tools to help creatives have an easier time than I did. I have taught myself most of the things that I know. If I had some help, maybe I would have had an easier time and progressed faster.

When it comes to Story-Telling, ‘’what in this world is not driven by a good story or some sort of story?’’ Stories are really an integral part of the world. The impact of stories in our lives cannot be downplayed but mostly, pivotal to these stories are creatives behind them. The goal is to tell stories but let us also teach people how to tell stories.

How Creatives should tell Stories during the COVID Situation

Stories should be told with empathy. The COVID story is a delicate one and as much as people need to know what is going on, it should be put out there with the empathy it deserves.

Creatives should ask, ‘’How am I telling this with truth and Fact?’’ Story tellers are meant to put out information in a way that builds and improves society.

These stories should be told with flair and beauty. In as much as the COVID story is a sad one, I believe important topics should be told well. This story should be told in an appealing way.

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