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The Digital Overload May be The Defining Problem of Today’s Creative Work

How much time do you spend every day checking messages on your phone, email and other alerts just in case something comes up? In our 24/7 world, there’s often an unwritten expectation that we’re always available. After all, checking in takes moments and reduces the chance that you might miss out. The average person checks their smartphone at least once every 12 minutes.

But at what cost? As companies recognize the impact of being constantly available and distributed teams increasingly stretch across time zones, a growing number of leaders are slowing down a bit.

Being tethered to our inboxes has a measurable impact on our ability to get things done. It takes an average of 23 minutes to regain focus on a task that’s been interrupted and people who are interrupted often adapt their work styles to compensate, working faster perhaps by investing less in their work to make up for time they anticipate will be lost.

A potential solution is to make asynchronous communication not just an option but an integral part of your team’s culture. In doing so, you can help people own their time by setting their schedules and optimizing their days in a way that gives them time to focus when they need it most.

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