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Tap into the best Self-Organizing Resources for Freelancers

Working from home requires a lot of responsibility and accountability, especially when it comes to managing workload, a skill freelancers need to keep an eye on. Employing the use of tools and resources is very vital in maintaining demand, improving workflow and client relationships.

It is easy to work on a single project at a time but what happens when you start to get multiple clients and projects to work on concurrently? How do you get yourself to keep everything together?

These resources will help you remain organized amidst the chaos.

TeuxDeux is a barebones but visually compelling to-do list app that is highly usable. It’s as simple to use as paper, lets you create recurring to-dos, custom lists, and even Markdown support. And there’s a mobile app so you can stay productive on the go.

30/30 is a gesture-based task manager for your iPhone. Set tasks and a time limit (you can set them to repeat, too), and 30/30 will help you focus on that task. You can customize the label, time, icon, and color of each list item.

LightArrow has a complete suite of tools for freelancers, going way beyond just to-do lists or project management. It includes tools for managing events, client relationships, email productivity, income and expense tracking, organizing notes and files, and even a password manager.

Sunrise Calendar lets you link up all the calendars and other date-based apps you use in one central view. Combine Google Calendar, Asana, Trello, Facebook, and more to see exactly what you have going on across all the channels in your life and work.

Todoist is a great to-do list manager, since it integrates right with your Gmail to easily turn your emails into tasks. There’s a mobile app for accessing your to-do list on the go, too.

Wunderlist : There is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your seemingly impossible to-do list and Wunderlist provides you with the ultimate to-do list. It syncs across all different platforms. Plus, you can assign tasks to other people! Nothing better than that!

Time to Note helps you track communications with customers, suppliers, leads and others. Keep your contacts in one place and shared, create to do lists for multiple users.

Remember The Milk reminds you to take care of important tasks! You’ll never miss a deadline!

Google Calendar is a web-based tool that allows users to organize their schedule, so you’ll always know exactly what you need to be working on.

Ta-da List : Show everyone what you have accomplished with this organizational app.

Remember, if you’re organized, your business will be organized.

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