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St. Nelly-sade Is Using His Creative Platform to Impact Vulnerable Communities

A few images of St. Nelly-sade cutting children’s hair in a seemingly impoverished setting have recently made a wave on social media catching the attention of users. Under an initiative that he founded, ‘Build out Uganda, ’ the luga flow rapper has taken it upon himself to do something that contributes to the creation of a positive community.

‘’The Haircuts are a free service offered under our Organization 'Buildout Foundation. There is something very personal about cutting someone's hair. It is both enjoyable and therapeutic which is something that many people in these vulnerable communities rarely get. It may be ''just a haircut'' but it's the kindness shown that makes such a person believe in humanity.’’ says Nelly-sade.

Besides giving these young people a fresh haircut for a self-esteem boost, the rapper alongside his team are taking further initiative to educate and train youths in the slums to pick up a few skills that will help them sustain their livelihoods and make an impact in their communities. ‘’It is also another way to give youths alternative pass-times instead of using drugs, and being idle. We realized we might not be able to do this forever but if we concentrated on teaching, we would equip these youth with skills that they can pass on to their communities and schools, and also earn from by opening up barbershops in the near future. We have been able to groom and train a few youths in Kabalagala, Naguru, Nabweru, Kamwokya, Bulindo, Nsambya, Kitintale, Mukono and Moroto in Karamoja. One of our future goals is to expand and provide these services throughout the whole country.’’

On his Creative Process

When it comes to music, I don't force things. When I’m inspired by something, I find myself writing a couple of songs in a day. The storyteller in me is also inspired by news stories which I normally build on to create lyrics. I also get lots of inspiration from my community. So basically my creative process is dictated by the mood I’m in and the energy around me .

‘’To all aspiring emcees out there, kindly be original. You can be yourself without copying or sounding like your idol. Create your own brand for others to copy not you copying others. Be humble, work hard and be unique.’’

In the same light of positively impacting the community, Nelly-sade is working on another project titled, ‘’A Few Good Friends.’’ The project initiated by Ssebunya Martin brings together over 40 artists on one single album. The album shares messages on cancer awareness and blends into other social issues we live with.

St.Nelly-sade is currently working on his new album whose release has been delayed due to the impacts of the COVID pandemic. He is also working on a couple of singles, one of which is titled, ‘Rap up Twenty20’ featuring A pass.

St.Nelly-sade is a Ugandan HipHop artist, Community builder, Poet, Storyteller, and Lyricist. He is also an ambassador to ‘’ End of the Weak Uganda’’ organization, Co-founder of the Almighty HipHop group’ Luga flow Army’ & Founder ‘Buildout Foundation Uganda.’

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