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Some Artists Have Collectors/Buyers, Why Don’t You?

If you are making Art but having a hard time selling it to buyers, chances are you are missing out on the most critical part of the puzzle.

The reason some artists have buyers and collectors at that, is often because they have learned how to treat their Art buyers. They practice the art of customer service. Customer relations when selling art is such an overlooked practice yet it holds the key to whether you make sales or not.

What I’m trying to say is you should treat your clients like royalty. This might sound like a broken record .You know, ‘Customer is King’ and all those other good old phrases that tell us about the importance of prioritizing the customer are all over the place, but do you even know how to go the extra mile or are you just doing the bare minimum?

Art is a whole different ball game and the people that buy it can attest to that. Away from the 'bougee' stereotypical ties attached to it, you actually don’t need a Champagne budget to make people feel special. They will appreciate that you remember their favorite beverage or simple snack even better.

Magic happens when you become connected with each and every one of your buyers. Connections are what make an artist’s job so special and soulful.Most acts of courtesy require a little more than your sincere desire to reciprocate kindness to others who are important in your life and your art business.

I encourage you to use your creativity and imagination to “go the extra mile” and shower them with authentic appreciation and this will strengthen those connections and give you a steady flow of business for a long time to come.

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