Software Development: Why You Should Put People before Technology

For too long, some software developers work alone to come up with code bases and wonder if they are even doing things the right way.

Most of the time, they might find themselves in a bubble, falling further behind in a fast-paced technical world because they are focusing on working with technology and never realize what they are missing out on.

Teamwork can have a different meaning when it comes to software development especially in light of innovative trends like DevOps and agile development. In order for initiatives like DevOps and agile development to be successful, developers, quality assurance personnel and software testers must all work closely together.

If you work in a company with a silo-based culture or one- or two-people teams, try not to accept things for what they are. Get involved with your coworkers by communicating and collaborating on projects.

Try introducing knowledge-sharing sessions and code reviews.

-Reflect on what worked and what didn’t and also unpack why, so that you can learn from it.

Approach management with suggestions on how you and your colleagues can produce more solid and effective software.

Attend conferences or smaller community meet-ups. Not only can you learn a lot through the content but you have the chance to network and learn from an array of people with different skills.

Every advancement that has taken place in the industry so far first began as an original, ground-breaking concept that stemmed from an individual or a group’s ability to be creative. In this way, teams that are confident in the ability to be creative will also be the organizations that likely create the next big innovation in the marketplace.

The most important new development in business technology is not a technology at all, it is an upgraded version of your workforce

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