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#SheKreates : Konversations with Women Who Kreate – Josephine Esisa

In commemoration of Women’s month, we took some time to reflect on how far the creative industry has come in terms of equality and to highlight some of the incredible women in the industry.

In this conversation, we speak about influences, progress, obstacles and the change they want to see.

Josephine Esisa is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Digimark Communications, a driven digital marketing communications Agency advocating for social impact.

Besides her administrative roles, she works closely with the Content creation team to create bold strategies, authentic brands and digital experiences to help brands amplify their impact on communities around the world. She describes herself as a daughter and sister first, a friend, and lastly an entrepreneur particularly focusing on creative and social entrepreneurship.


I give most of my credit when it comes to being a creative to my background. Growing up, I was always encouraged to focus on the Arts, specifically literature. I’d say that harnessed my love for creative writing, because I always and still do find it interesting that working with words, can result into the creation of powerful messages. This finally led me towards the path of the creative and communications industry, birthing Digimark Communications.


I think women in the creative industry are just starting to be recognized. Before, it was at a minimum level. We would see more men as graphic designers, photographers, even fashion designers!!! But it's great to see that many Women have developed the “can do attitude” and are no longer sitting still but rather stepping into these roles.

Obstacles/ Inequities

The biggest challenge I face is being underestimated, and not being credited where it's due, because somehow it's a surprise to many how much I surpass my abilities.


Consistency is key! Perfect your practice, and your name will be mentioned in the right places, and most importantly do not succumb to the pressure or growth of those in the same industry. Everyone’s practice is unique in its own way.

''It's great to see that many Women have developed the “can do attitude ''and are no longer sitting still but rather stepping into these Creative roles.


I feel like people in the creative industry have a tendency to stick to one style. And yet the industry in its name is “CREATIVE.” People should learn to keep thinking outside the box.

Josephine is also in the process of starting an NGO that will focus on people living with Sickle Cell Disease. ‘’It is one disease that has been constantly sidelined and Its about time the Warriors, get the care they deserve.’’

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