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#SheKreates: Konversations with Women Who Kreate – Fiona Kemi

In commemoration of Women’s month, we took some time to reflect on how far the creative industry has come in terms of equality and to highlight some of the incredible women in the industry. In this conversation, we speak about influences, progress, obstacles and the change they want to see.

Fiona Kemi describes herself as a Christian, creative and all round lover of the Arts. She is an ardent reader, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, amateur model and photographer. Last but certainly not least, a ‘girl who really likes ketchup.’

Kemi is very passionate about natural hair and has created a brand around it. She is the brain behind ‘The Fiona Kemi Membership,’ a personal hair care and lifestyle service that helps you find necessary hair tools, products and design a customized hair care regimen to help you grow healthy, long hair.

Through years of research, endless experimenting and content creation on natural hair, Kemi has gained a wealth of knowledge that she now shares with her audience on social media.


Sharon Mundia. I ‘discovered’ YouTube maybe 6 years ago and it was all American and everyone else. No one was me, then I found her and I was fascinated. Creating content seemed like something only people ‘out there’ do. But there she was. Doing it. It took a few years of watching her rise, for me to finally work up the courage to shoot my shot and I’ve been doing it ever since.

The audacity to dare. I loved that about her. Still do.


What I can say is that women are looking out for each other. Now more than ever, women are uplifting each other. I would have never created the platform I have today without the support of the so many women that share it.

I believe the more we uplift each other, the more the world will see of us and the greater our impact will be. Kemiyondo Coutinho through her Kemistry Klass has created room for Ugandan women in film to become. Fundi girls is raising a generation of women in STEM, and so many other women supporting women initiatives out there are doing the Lord’s work.

We can only go up from here.

Obstacles/ Inequities

I’d be remiss if I didn’t start with the ridiculous cost of Internet in this country. Almost all my work is dependent on the Internet. To think that it is already expensive and to that, we add OTT and the ever looming chance of the government just shutting it down at will. It’s enough to make anyone want to pack up and start over elsewhere and yet we really want to grow here. At Home.

Secondly, our society has some way to go in as far as valuing creative work goes. We say it a lot but I’ll say it again, exposure pays exactly zero bills.


Support other Creatives as often as you can. Their success is success for us all.

Collaborate. You’ll learn and grow so much through this.

Network. This is a valuable thing no matter which field you’re in. This is how we find work, get help and learn.

''I believe the more we uplift each other, the more the world will see of us, and the greater our impact as Creatives will be.''


Pay Creatives their worth! Like I already said, exposure does not pay bills.

Natural hair is Kemi Fiona’s first love and still is her primary content base. She has grown her brand to a place where besides the content, provides natural hair consultation services. In short, ‘’I help you design a custom regimen for your hair so you can achieve your goals.’’

She is also working to hone her photography and modelling skills. ‘’I do product photography for a few small businesses and this hair could be on a billboard, no? Lol’’

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