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Rita Auma Shares Experience on Telling Tough Emotional Stories in Art Such as Movies

Happy Birthday Momo, a short film written, produced and directed by Anne “Afrie” Nassanga delivers a powerful message based on the true story of Rita Auma, a lawyer, mental health advocate and author, together with two other ladies who remain unnamed. The story is told through the lens of the three ladies’ birthdays highlighting strong themes of both mental health and sexual harassment vividly painting a picture of an issue that deserves more attention.

After the film launched on 21st April this year, it sparked off a conversation in which vital questions on mental health and sexual harassment have been asked with different people bravely taking them on while providing clarity on issues that our society has, for the most part, been uncomfortable to discuss.

Rita Auma, one of the ladies whose stories is highlighted takes on the challenge of telling a tough story that involves emotional pain and is highly sensitive in the short film ‘Happy Birthday Momo.’

I got the courage to tell my story because when I finally got diagnosed, I was relieved that what was happening in my head had an explanation but I was also sad because I didn’t get help early.

Nobody was talking about this. I understood the stigma once I started talking about it and I am cool with it now. I know people label what they don’t understand as bad so it’s important to educate people on such things.

I haven’t healed yet. Some days are really hard. I still get suicidal ideations almost every week when the lows come. I however am able to fight because I know I am worth staying even when I don’t want to.

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