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Remote Work Matters now more than ever. Is it the new normal?

I guess by now, we all know that there is no such thing as absolute safety and the Corona virus pandemic is for sure not going to be the last thing to tilt our personal lives and businesses. As everyone retreats to work from home, pandemics of this kind have less ‘material ‘to work with. I mean, human nature really cares about health and business, and will do whatever it takes to safeguard that. For a sector that was never really considered that essential , it is interesting to see the tables turn for a second. Now, more than ever, most economies are depending on remote workers for essential services. See, business might have changed a little bit for everyone else but I can almost confidently say that for remote workers, business is normal and progressing as usual. Remember, I used ‘almost,’ because the remote work industry is just relatively unaffected and coping pretty well. The remote work industry is in a relatively safe neutral zone, considering the long line of industries that are devastated by the corona virus pandemic. Before this was even an issue, freelance and remote work was already growing, and once this virus is gone, awareness about the benefits of remote work will increase greatly at corporations. For some reason, these companies still want to overpay for office space and force their workers to commute. This will get old. That, however doesn’t eliminate the fact that freelancing is a major decision and this virus panic might not completely convince people to go freelance, but they will maybe consider it. One thing is for sure, everyone will reconsider and reevaluate their jobs after noticing they can work from home and remain just as productive. This will definitely be happening at some point, only that Corona virus has accelerated it making it much likely to happen faster than anticipated. Let me just borrow Sam Cook’s famous lyrics and end this with, ‘A Change is gonna come.’

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