Producing Content In-house Vs Hiring Outside Talent: What’s best for you?

It’s no secret that content is a valuable part of a company’s marketing and promotional strategies. Content marketing drives more leads than paid search marketing, encourages readers to seek out a product, and informs purchasing decisions. There’s good reason why Bill Gates coined the phrase,“content is king.”

Yet, marketers continue to struggle to keep up with the content needs of their organizations. The biggest roadblock? The ability to find and retain quality content experts. Before searching for the right talent for your team, first you should consider whether in-house or outsourced content creators align with your needs.

Companies sometimes choose in-house content creation because they have full-time, ongoing work and also consider the fact they need someone on-site and in the office every day. On the other hand, here are a few reasons companies have chosen to hire outside talent:

  • Work with niche expertise across the world

  • Need specialized help for irregular projects

  • Find affordable talent

Often the situation isn’t black and white. Some companies have also created a hybrid solution in which they train an existing full-time employee to handle the strategy side, and hire a handful of freelance content creators to contribute their content expertise.

Still not sure if you should choose in-house or outsource? Read about two companies with different needs and therefore opposite solutions. Then consider the pros and cons of each to help define exactly what you need.

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