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Photography: Editing Portrait Photos 101!

People nowadays snap a lot of portraits, ranging from headshots to selfies, or even group photos. Considering how popular portrait photography can be it is no surprise that most editors have tools to enhance them but according to author and creative Michael Johnson, PhotoWorks is particularly noteworthy.

Not only will PhotoWorks provide you with numerous ways to enhance your portrait photos, but its tools are designed to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. With their help you’ll be able to quickly touch up and improve your portraits as a professional would.

Automatically Balance the Color and Light

Many photos suffer from bad lighting that makes them overexposed, underexposed or affects their colors. In PhotoWorks you can fix that with a single click by using the auto enhancement module.

Remove Unwanted Glare

Glare is another common issue that can affect your portraits and make the skin texture look greasy. Fortunately learning how to remove glare in PhotoWorks is easy and you’ll have several options that you can use.

The easiest way to remove glare is with the Remove Face Shine option in the Portrait Magic tool. It will get rid of the glare on your portraits with a single click.

Fix Red-Eye Effects

If your camera flash was too close to the subject, you’ll end up with portraits that have glowing red eyes which is what is known as the red-eye effect. That can be fixed quickly using PhotoWorks’ specialized Red Eye Removal tool.

Once you select the tool you can use it to paint over the red eyes in your portraits to fix them.

Whiten Yellow or Stained Teeth

Yellow or stained teeth can make your subjects look older and make smiles look less attractive. However it is easy enough to whiten teeth in your portraits using the specialized preset in PhotoWorks’ Portrait Magic feature.

Conceal Skin Imperfections

Removing small skin imperfections can be tricky, and over-editing can make your skin look unnatural. That being said if you want a quick way to conceal skin imperfections such as acne, wrinkles, scars, or even eye bags you can use the Healing Brush in PhotoWorks.

As a smart editing tool the healing brush will automatically identify the best area to sample and let you conceal any skin imperfections by simply painting over them. It works best on small imperfections, and you can adjust the brush size to allow for a more precise selection.

Overall, you should be starting to see how easy it will be to enhance your portrait photos and make them look their best using PhotoWorks. Most of the tools require just a single click or a few simple adjustments using convenient sliders to apply them to your photos.

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