Patsy Mugabi Shares Some Of the Most Ideal Ways to Come up with Great Content Ideas

Patsy Mugabi is a digital content creator who most importantly defines herself as a people developer. In this piece, she briefly shares some of the gems that have helped her become a better content creator.

The most ideal way to come up with content ideas is to be insanely curious. No idea is too small. No idea is too big. No idea is not worth it.

The plugins that help me get better ideas when I’m googling or researching on a field that I want to present are; Ubersuggest which helps me know how people are searching for particular things and the other one is Key Words Everywhere .These 2 really help me come up with much better ideas.

Habits that have helped her become a better content creator

Being vulnerable with my audience. Vulnerability goes a long way coz it shows you as your authentic self and you get to attract your tribe. Some people might not like it but I am not going to fake it till I make it, I’ll keep it 100.

Reading up on the areas that I want to create content on. There is actually a book that I want to recommend by Austin Kleon for any creative. It’s called, ‘’Show Your Work.’’ The book teaches you how to share something small every day, ignore the trolls, pay it forward, and most important that you’re not creating just for you. You are creating to impact.

Team Work makes the dream work. I don’t think success is singular or being a better content creator is singular, so I collaborate a lot when the opportunity presents itself. Though most of the time, I look out for these opportunities.

I talk to people who are doing things that I would want to do.

If you should take anything from this piece, ‘’Trust your creative sauce! Coz you’ve got it!
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