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Olego Job aka JobrayArts on the Conceptualization of Graffiti as an Art

Many people fail to recognize graffitti as a viable art form. Instead of being considered a meaningful expression, graffiti is seen as vandalism. Most artists involved in this art feel it an unfair label to give to something that requires the same creativity and hard work as other forms of street art.

Olego Job Anomet also known as Jobray, a Ugandan graffiti artist and muralist helps us understand the dynamics of graffiti from his experience.

Graffiti is the act of inscribing or drawing on walls for the purpose of communicating a message to the general public. Graffiti started with Tags (Hip-Hop Graffiti), which can also be known as signature. Before intricate wild style, call it Abstract or Complex styles of Graffiti and other forms of the Art had emerged, the idea was just to make a presence in the city.

Artists (writers/Graffers) wanted to resist that idea of being just someone (worker) who couldn’t be distinguished or have a mark. They added those tags and Graffiti to mark their existence in the streets. Graffiti writers posted their names in as many places as possible, in essence to let the world know that we are still conscious and still human beings. Nowadays, Modern Graffiti is still used for the same reason.

In my own understanding, Graffiti is purposeful in so many ways to an individual or a community for educational purposes such as painting graffiti that promotes awareness: for example, recently, Graffiti can be used to inform the community about the dangers of the pandemic. The resolution in visuals makes it easier for even an illiterate person to understand the message.

Graffiti also brings communities alive. It’s a source of income when used for t promotional and publication purposes in form of advertisements.

Olego Job Anomet alias Jobray describes himself as a diverse creator who expounds on his fantasies and the genuine interpretation of ideal concepts to create art. His work explores the themes of nature, humanity and climate.

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