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New Year...New Me!

So you are kicking off 2023 with the “new year, new me,” slogan but “old you” has other plans. You have returned from the holiday ready to dig into your inbox, pick up projects from weeks past, and generally remind yourself what it is you do. Instead, you find yourself walking into a whirlwind of papers, files, dusty documents everywhere.

No worries! You are about to give yourself another brief holiday! It’s time to DE-clutter Your Desk. Here is how to do it without too much stress;

Look for Things That Spark Productivity: You don’t have to hold onto every piece of branded item you collected at get to-gethers, conferences, seminars last year. If it doesn’t help your work, it doesn’t need to be on your desk.

You Do Not Need Paper: In this day and era, why do you still have loose paper on your desk? With tools like Adobe scan, you can capture all your paper documents and put them in the recycling. It is now accessible and searchable on your devices.

A color palette is Your Friend: Try as much as you can to minimize distractions. Simplifying your color palette to warm neutrals and bright whites helps keep your space feeling both homey and energizing.

Put It Where It Belongs: If it’s in its place, you do not have to worry about moving it later. As you kick off the New Year, make every reasonable attempt to keep things where they belong. Files should be saved in the right folder from the get-go. Let each zone of your desk be accounted for, and only house the items that belong there.

So, let’s try getting this new year, new me thing Right this year 2023! Good luck!

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