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MoTiV Launches ‘Own The Wall’ Competition For Creatives

Artisans are a core component of the creative economy. The artisan sector is a key driver of economic growth, job creation, and cultural preservation, and the decision to invest in this sector is not charity. There is incredible economic potential with even more opportunities to be realized, that is why MoTiV has launched the ‘Own the Wall’ Competition.

The Competition launched on the 23rd of June is looking to reward and build a community of creative and artisans as it provides a platform for visual creatives to have their work reach closer to the target market.

Targeting visual artists in the fields of photography, graphic design, graffiti, conceptual artists and designers, and artisans, the initiative aims to help people exercise a freedom of expression that moves them beyond religious customs and unwritten codes and rules that may bind them.

With the huge number of countless creative Ugandans that already struggle every day to provide for themselves and their families, the corona virus pandemic has only worsened the situation by locking them out of their livelihoods putting them in need of unusual solutions like the united efforts of craft organizations and designers. In that light, Eugene Kavuma, the MoTIV community manager has created the ‘Own The Wall’ competition to engage the creative industry who are among the hardest hit by the pandemic.

This will be an annual event to mark the official opening of East Africa’s biggest Maker Space.

What is the competition looking for?

MoTIV Is looking for artists who can come up with a concept for a wall Mural that reflects MoTIV’s values of Courage, collaboration, and creativity. The Competition starts today, June 23, 2020, and will run for 3 weeks.

The competition will be judged by Kwizera, Kiggundu Rodney and Pamela Enyonu, an established crop of highly talented Judges.Creative’s can make their submission to

Aside from the 2 Million Uganda Shillings award money that will be given to the winning artist, MoTIV will also provide 2 months free studio access, owning the MoTIV wall for 12 months and exhibiting the top 3 works in the MoTIV workspace.

The MoTIV community is made up of artisans, tinkerers, creatives, content creators, product designers, woodworkers, and those whose main material is metal. It also has space for the food-entrepreneur and constantly engages with the foodie community. While building their community, they are also establishing a marketplace for this community to sell their products.

The main aim for the establishment of MotIV is to teach and train talented artisans, makers, thinkers, and designers but also create a platform to showcase undercapitalized brands and products.

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