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MoTIV Launches Creative Fabric Competition Dubbed, THREADED

As a means of engaging a wider variety of artists with the MoTIV space and projects, MoTIV , a tribe and home for makers is launching another competition focused on fabric, dubbed 'Threaded,' which intends to support emerging designers and promote creativity inspired by MoTIV culture and aesthetics in contemporary fashion design. MoTIV looks to make this competition accessible to aspiring designers even in hard to reach areas, MoTIV has introduced a new category the ‘MoTIV Hero’ specifically to cater to that group of contestants. To enter the competition, interested parties will have sign up via or in the case of The Hero Maker category, participants will pick up forms from their selected centers. A panel of judges; Nunu Umuringa, Solomon Tazibone and Rapheal Kasule will then pick the top 10 (7 from the normal competition and 3 from the Hero Makers) pieces that will make it through to the pitch stage, where after a pitch training session, the top 10 will get a chance to stand in front of the judges and explain how their work relates to the THREADED brief, prompting the judges to select 4 contestants who will go on to the voting stage where the public will vote for them in the main competition category. The 2 contestants that make it from the MoTIV Hero category will get votes both online and via community boards. The winner of the competition will receive UGX 2,000,000 and get store space at MoTIV , while the winner of the ‘MoTIV Hero’ Category will get UGX 1,000,000. The top 5 contestants will each get direct access to the MoTIV accelerator and a pathway to the MoTIV marketplace. MoTIV is a tribe of talented makers whose aim is to create a growing and thriving creative industry in East Africa. They provide a space in which creative entrepreneurs have access to high quality innovative machinery, training, a marketplace where products are sold and value chain support. MoTIV provides holistic solutions that foster collaboration in a sustainable, ethical and impactful way thus enabling makers to refine and scale their businesses through innovation in order to meet demand for local and international markets. The categories in which they create include; wood, metal, textile, kitchen, media and co-working space. Submit your entry here: by the 21st of May.

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