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MoRoots To Wind Up Online Concert Mini Series With #MoAtHomeFinale Showcase

This year really blindsided us with the COVID19 pandemic that caught many off-guard. Seemingly overnight, the entire fabric of daily life had been turned upside down. With a certain amount of social distancing instilled, affecting a huge percentage of artists, some took on the challenge to keep their audience optimistic, energized, and entertained. MoRoots started a series of mini concerts dubbed, ‘’FromTheSun ‘’ to sprinkle a little sunshine into the homes of Ugandans and fans all over the world on 8th April. Streamed live on her official Facebook page for 8 consecutive Wednesdays, each episode was unique and shared a message of hope. Now to sum up the whole experience and celebrate the 1st anniversary of her debut album, From The Sun, the talented musician is putting together a bigger production dubbed, ‘’#MoAtHomeFinale’’ scheduled for Friday- 31st July via her official YouTube channel In the past episodes streamed via Facebook, she is a solo act but will this time round team up with her crew, Ctrl AD as special guest. The 4 acts will be playing from different locations across 3 cities at the same time creating a cohesive sound and production. Based off her past shows, expect to have a night of beautiful soulful music. ‘’Expect a vibe, a really sweet, soul deep, Ctrl AD vibe. People who have seen us perform know that there is such a magical bond between us, an effortlessness, musical bonding and an understanding of each other that I think is really special. And of course expect beautiful musicality, and great music from the album (FromTheSun) spiced up with great renditions.’’ She re-assures. The show will also feature musicians and African Ugandan creatives sharing how they have been able to maneuver the last few months of COVID19.

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