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Kye Makyeli on her Experience as a Digital Communications Consultant

Kye Makyeli is a digital communications consultant, who is also Founder- Nova Media, a communications agency that offers digital marketing strategies, graphic design and copywriting services.

She shares a few challenges experienced by creatives in her field, how some of them can be tackled and a few things every digital content creator must know.

Challenges Identity crisis: Separating who you are from the voice of the brands you represent. Abnormal Client expectations: One will expect you to take on a number of jobs like social media manager, graphic designer, copywriter and PR all at the same time for UNREALISTIC compensation. Burnout is real. Constant cu ration of fresh ideas and concepts tends to fry my brain, and I need to take breaks to reset. Most clients don’t want to hear any of that. Ridiculous deadlines set by clients. ‘’Who calls at 1am to have a poster made by 6am?’’ ‘’Stop pretending that the advertising industry is not stressed, depressed and anxious. More emphasis should be placed on the mental health and well-being in every work setting.’’ ‘’Give women more room to negotiate and not penalize them when they do.’’ 4 things every digital content creator must know 1. Invest in apps and tools that will make your work easier. 2. Demand what you’re worth. Leave room for minor negotiation. 3. Always be ready to defend your ideas to your client. 4. Take that break.

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