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Kreative Sprint21’ Recap

On February 18th, Kafunda Kreative, a consultancy that works to skill, tool and grow top creative talent connecting them to great work partnered with MoTIV, a tribe and home for talented makers kicked off the Kreative Sprint21 to equip attendees with better resources and knowledge to help them dig deep into the interpersonal subjects of the Arts and open up synergies and opportunities for collaboration through expert talks, kliniks, and networking sessions from Kampala’s top creative minds.

The 3 day event held at the MoTIV offices brought together over 100 creatives and saw over 10 speakers like Elijah Kitaka- Co-Founder FEZAH, Collin Asiimwe- Marketing Head Multichoice, Afsa Umutesi- Manager AKADope, among others speak on the different aspects involved in the business of creating. They provided tools, tips, and tricks on how to get ahead in the creative industry.

A panel of Eugene Kavuma –MOTIV Team Lead, David Ogutu- Team Lead Kafunda Kreatives and Ruth Adong, a freelance writer kicked off the event talking about the state of the creative industry in Uganda, followed by Charity Kamusiime, a Group Product Managing Marketer who spoke on how creatives can better market their Art.Lorna Maria Aine, a content creator wrapped up the day with a conversation on content creation for the future.

The next two days had key notes from Afsa Umutesi- AKADope Manager on Branding, Collin Asiimwe – Multichoice Marketing Head on Strategy to Scale, Tom(The Mith) Mayanja – Klear Kut Rapper on Client Management, Josephine Kabyesiza- Data Analyst on Business Communications, Elijah Kitaka – Co-Founder FEZAH on Product Development and Raymond Kataha Mujuni- Nation Media Journalist on Pricing Work.

At the beginning of every session, participants were presented with background information on the specific topics and allowed to have quick brainstorms as they asked questions and exchanged information in between sessions. There was also time for networking and catching up over a few drinks.

The event came to a close on the 20th of February with closing remarks from David Ogutu, thanking attendees for honoring the Kreative Sprint invite and asking them to be a part of the Kafunda Creative space by signing up to learn more and get access to valuable work.

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