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Kreative Spotlight: Raymond Kahuma

Raymond Kahuma, first gained popularity off a Youtube video in which he sends breakfast to space dated 26th July and captioned, ‘’First video! Today I sent my breakfast into space, then ate it, enjoy this vlog.’’ The video that has so far garnered at least 5.3k views, a number which is just peanuts compared to the views he is currently getting played a huge role in launching his career. He is at the moment, one of the best content creators in the country.

He has since gone ahead to make history as the first Ugandan to receive a World Book of Records Certificate for making the world´s Biggest Rolex that weighed 204 kilograms.

Raymond’s enthusiastic daring style, boundless energy, and fun relatable content have established him as a content icon for the average millennial and Gen-z Ugandan social media content consumer.

Between his YouTube channel and Raydioactive podcast that hosts celebrities and creatives speaking on different topics, he has kept raising the bar.

Here's more stuff you need to know about this unstoppable creative mind:

Raymond is 25 years old. He spent his early nursery years at Charis day care, Pre-primary at Kampala Junior Academy, went to primary school at Greenhill Academy, did his O and A Levels at Kings’ College Budo ,and later pursued a Bachelors’ Degree in Electrical Engineering which he did not complete as he dropped out to pursue his storytelling passion.

The very talented lad is also a music artist! And has songs like: Try me, A Million Dreams, What Doesn’t Kill You among many others.

Dubbed as one of the most creative Ugandans, he has garnered a huge following on all his platforms earning the right to play with the ‘big boys’ as one of the biggest You-tubers in the country. His Guinness World Book of Records title has played a huge role in that.

Instagram: 33.4k

Youtube: 14.9k subscribers

Twitter: 24.4k

Tiktok: 92.7k with over 14.9 M views

He launched his Raydioactive podcast on September 26, 2020. It features different episodes referred to as Celebrity Pods, Bro Pods etc.

The process of making the world’s largest rolex weighing 204 kilograms cost him over USD7,000 approximately 26.9 million Ugandan Shillings, evidence that shows his dedication to creating record breaking content.

According to him, the rolex challenge was his way of taking Uganda to the world by increasing the popularity of the already well known street fast food.

By the look of things, Raymond is not about to stop thinking out of the box and coming up with captivating content. He is currently working on ‘’Speed Dating Africa’’ a You-tube series that not only features Ugandans but people from other African countries.

We cannot wait to see what he does next!

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