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Kreative Kliniks : Eve Mudondo On Event Photography

If you’re looking for a career in photography that has the potential to keep you busy all year long, event photography should be on your radar! There are almost certainly events happening around you that people want to capture and remember.

Eveline Mudondo aka Nze Eve a passionate landscape portrait and events photographer has tapped into the event photography space, and has worked her way up professionally since early 2019. In this Klinik, she shares everything she knows about event photography.

Event photography is the professional art of snapping high-quality images during a wide variety of important occasions, from personal events like weddings or birthday parties to large public gatherings like corporate events, galas, award ceremonies and product launches among many others.

Don’t give up. There is room and space for everyone.

Key Pointers :

Look out for events that make you happy: If birthdays are your thing, then you should focus on those. My personal favorite are Community outreaches. When you shoot an event you love, you enjoy it and it definitely rubs off the photos you capture.

It’s all about capturing moments: Event photography is much more than just aiming the camera and shooting. It's about seeking out poignant moments, powerful expressions, and often just waiting for them to appear. Pay attention to the looks in people's eyes. Set up a shot and wait for someone to react.

Communication: Communication is a great way of running a photography business as well as it improves your social skills. These skills will come in handy when you are interacting with the client or the subjects you are shooting. It can be verbal or non-verbal communication.

Technique: Spend time observing the event. Observe, anticipate, and shoot. Look for patterns in movement and people that would tell the best story.

Rule of Thirds: The Rule of Thirds places your subject on the left-third or right-third of the frame, creating a pleasing composition. Each intersection point is a potential point of interest; align your main subject along with other elements of the frame along these points to create a balanced, or visually interesting, image.

Have a shot list: A shot list is a simple checklist of every photo you (and your client) want to capture on the day of a shoot. It usually contains a list of specific shots, some visual references and extra details like camera angles or lighting set-up so you don't forget a thing.

Rule of P.A.C.E: Portrait, Action ,Close-up, Establishment shot

Establishment shot: A wide shot can capture the scale of the event. It is meant to capture the emotional feel of an event at the individual level.

Get candid shots: The formal shots are necessary for events but don't forget about candid moments, which can lead to equally beautiful photos. Candid moments express personality and vibrancy. Oftentimes, candid photographs are the ones your clients will cherish the most.


UPPA (Uganda Press Photo Awards)

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