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Kreative, Add Value To Thy

Adding value to thy Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm…. Interesting statement it is, right?

Let’s try breaking it down a bit….adding, to begin with By default, we are all valuable individuals, to each other, in our respective capacities no matter how rich or poor or loud or quiet or deceitful or honest we are.

Then, comes a time in our lives when we feel like we need an upgrade. That’s when it comes to mind that we need to add a little something to our closet, in order to become more attractive and admirable. It could be in form of a skill, mission or a devotion to something… can be anything, really.

Keep in mind that this add-ition takes some time to come to reality….so no need to rush it.

Then.......comes value! Value is that thing that sets you apart from the rest…both in quantity and quality. It could be that one factor that picks you out of the general circle or crowd. If we were to measure value, how much would you go for? In terms of the service you render or just who you associate with.

And then finally, we have Thy! Thy…. Thy…. This is where you come in You, the individual…. And not the one that’s part of a group or class or mob …. Just you.

So, to combine the entire statement….it all boils down to one thing.... Adding value to you, as an individual. In order to do that, though You need to look around you through and through Look very closely To the very last detail and inch of your hair And find out what you can learn in form of a skill to better yourself and your chances of having a much better life, at the end of the day.

These skills range from anything you can do with your hands, your way with words (like I, here), to general life skills like negotiation and improved communication skills. Grab unto one of these and hold on very tightly learn all that you can on this journey.

Learn to manipulate them to your advantage Twist them around, to make them suit your tastes and preferences, as an individual. Make them yours. Own them.

Wear them like you would wear your Sunday best outfit.

Be that kind of person that the world will look for, FIRST, when they’re seeking for an informed opinion on something. Be that person that holds all the keys to the gateways of knowledge on a particular issue.

Good news is, you don’t need so much to do all of this…. BEGIN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.

Written by Ntensibe Edgar Michael ( Ntemid )

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