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Kennedy Kasozi Talks Social Media T&Cs and What’s in it for Creatives

If you intend to promote your work through social media, the website terms may require you adhere to certain terms and conditions. Many of us overlook the terms and conditions for social media websites that we use and yet this is what determines our legal relationship with them. Understanding the terms and conditions and knowing what rights you could be signing away is very important when you subscribe to social media. Terms and conditions are rules and guidelines that govern contracts of sorts or an agreement between a service provider and a person who seeks to use a service. Legal Understanding: Terms: Any provision for a contract. Conditions: Obligations under a contract for you to be able to use the service. License: An authorization to use. These are periodic, especially when utilizing a platform. They can be renewed and revoked. Indemnity: security or protection against a loss or other financial burden. Loyalty free: You do not have a benefit of earning an income if you intend to share on that platform. What these Terms and Conditions mean for particular users Terms and conditions Apply: They are a contract. Once you agree, it means you have understood and have voluntarily agreed to abide them. Why Conditions in Contracts? -They are important because they provide the details as to how goods/services are going to be provided to the user. -To make sure you have read the terms and conditions. If you don’t find them comfortable, you can reach out and express your grievance for them to provide a modification of what you can agree to. -To make sure there is a meeting of mind. You must voluntarily consent. Perspective of a creative using social media Recommendations: It is important to distinguish between visibility on social media platforms and actual publication of content put up on a website. There is more control on how your content is used and how you reinforce that on a website. Social media on the other hand increases the visibility of what you can put out to the market. Benefits of terms and conditions: Abuse: Not everyone that uses these platforms is cordial. So reserve to terminate accounts of users who become abusive or steal your content. To promote ownership: This helps limit liability especially where you host other people. Defines details on how you intend to transact or engage using a particular platform. As a person who publishes content, you lie in the category of being a data collector so your obligation is to tell your readers that you collect their details but let them know you have no intentions to misuse it or endanger them. You can create your own Terms and Conditions that fit your line of Communication so that you don’t violate the requirements of the law. Check out the Cyber Law Report launched in 2019...

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