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Intuition or Structure? The Creative Freelance Career Dilemma

Truly successful creatives know how to tap into their intuition when making decisions about the direction of their work. In a way, the path a creative career takes can be art itself. Some creatives have nurtured success by listening to their intuition when deciding what work will make them happy. Motivated by curiosity and the desire to explore an idea that won’t let you go, you will initially make work only for yourself without worrying about commercial viability. Intuition and creativity are fundamentally, interdependent and interchangeable. They reflect the highest forms of applicable intelligence for any and every ability. Creativity on its own requires a lot of perspiration. Allowing our intuition to work means that we use more inspiration than perspiration because there is less energy required to use intuitive knowledge than knowledge that requires conscious efforts. On the other hand, I believe structure is also necessary because structure and creativity have the same parentage. It is structure that enables creativity. We see examples of this everywhere. Without structure, there is nothing for creativity to get leverage upon. So I guess we need both intuition and structure in our different creative freelance careers as we build on the value of respecting our ideas, while listening to our creative impulses and giving them the necessary space to thrive.

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