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Influencer? How to effectively create for Social Media

Most brands are increasingly adopting partnerships with social media creators to help engage their audiences and increase sales. It has been proved that these partnerships significantly boost Return on Advertising Spend, way beyond vanity metrics such as comments and likes. Influencer marketing might just be the fastest growing and arguably most effective marketing strategy for brands.

This should be great news for creators out there looking to make some money off such gigs. In as much as brands are looking for great creators to push their engagement and sales, they are definitely not working with just anyone.

The decision to choose an ideal influencer is guided by a vetting process based on some sort of criteria. Brands are most likely looking for:

High-quality content: Are you creating or sharing high-quality content? Are you cultivating a unique brand voice in your niche? You should be able to resonate with your audience and stand out from the crowd.

Authenticity: An authentic partnership trumps everything else. Consumers are more astute now than ever. If you haven’t tried or used the product you are pushing, people will eventually be able to see through that.

Honesty: Disclosing paid posting is one of the most important things creators can do. Creators who use hashtags like #ad or #sponsored can help position your influencer marketing campaigns for transparency.

Where is The Action?: The fastest growing influencers are the first to know what is happening and are always thinking two steps ahead of everyone else. They follow new data, trends, and developments. They know that, in this ever-changing digital landscape, if you aren't growing, you're dying.

Remember, “If it doesn't add value, it's a waste.”

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