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How to turn your Surroundings into Art

Inspiration, most of the time presents itself in fleeting moments, as fast as a lightning bolt, almost mystical in its presentation. It’s almost safe to say that in reality, its origins are often more prosaic, derived from day-to-day objects, scenes, and personal relationships.

That isn’t to say the subsequent art is any less ambitious or powerful. It obviously is powerful and ambitious.

For many of us, the past year has been a year of picking up new hobbies , as we found ourselves with more available time to dedicate to new passions, side hustles and creative endeavors. In as much as most people have found time to dive into those passions easily, others are craving for direction on how to get to that place.

Make sure you have a purpose

What exactly do you want to depict or achieve from this? The answers to this question will help you focus on expressing your idea in a more creative way.

Connect the dots

Observing everything around you breeds numerous ideas , so the real question is how much can you do with the small bits of inspiration that come your way. How can you connect the dots together in an orderly way to build the final product?

Try a new perspective

Explore different ways of viewing the scenario. When you find a fresh perspective, the feeling can be very rewarding.

Observe the mundane

Observe people’s behaviors and ask yourself “why” and “what if” questions. This will help you reframe the everyday and spot opportunities for imagination and creativity.

Enjoy the process

It is easy to overthink things, and you may end up feeling burdened. Instead, choose to enjoy the process.

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