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How to sell Art for Thousands of Dollars

Valuing Art above the $10,000 range is extremely tricky especially in Uganda, because it usually requires either an inside connection to one of the finer contemporary art spaces (for special commissions) OR widespread popular notoriety.

Ismael Kateregga is a Ugandan Postwar & Contemporary painter. His work has been offered at auctions multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $1,647 USD to $16,269 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork.

Since 2010 the record price for this artist at an auction is $16,269 USD for Buikwe fishing boats, sold at Bonhams New Bond Street in 2018.

The question most artists would love to have answered is, ‘’How do I sell Art for thousands of dollars?’’

First of all, you change your attitude. An attitude that is full of resentment gets you nowhere in this world, in any field. Then you develop more sensitivity to the larger art world and the broader world of culture than you apparently have at present. Calling things "stupid art" accomplishes nothing. You need to dump some of that ego, and examine that art - learn from it. There are reasons that artists who become well-known get there. Generally, they are creating work that is well-crafted (though not always), even though it does not look like classic painting. And it is also a reflection of the culture of their time.

These artists are also generally very skilled at networking - at making good gallery and client contacts. They understand the business of art as well as they understand the making of art. This is not some new thing. Most successful artists have always been good business people.

Art is a profession. It's not a hobby, nor a part-time preoccupation. Just as every person who gets a job at an electronics firm doesn't end up as the president of a multi-billion dollar corporation, not every artist ends up selling their art for large sums of money. Some do modestly, some do well, some fail. All you can do is learn the business, put your nose to the grindstone, put in very long hours every single day, make as many contacts as possible, and over the years you will find out where your place is. Just like everyone else in every other profession. Not magic - hard work.

Art is not a get rich quick profession. It is an honorable profession that requires skill and discipline but will take care of you if you honor it as a profession.

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