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How to get the most of your Kafunda Kreative Experience

Businesses of all sizes and ambitions can develop the trusted relationships they need to thrive and grow through Kafunda Kreative, and this can be done in a number of ways. From quick project turnarounds to major strategic transformations.

Kafunda Kreative is a fellowship of Creatives learning from one another, growing together, and collaborating to produce impactful brands, products and services. We skill, tool and grow top creative talent connecting them to valuable work.

How can you get the most out of us? Tap into our network of quality and dependable freelance creatives ready to work with you to bring your ideas to reality by;

Posting a Job: Engage with us on a job per job basis. With a few clicks, get connected to a talented, vetted and dependable creative to bring your idea to life. No lengthy contract, no uncertain search process. Save time and money. Post your job and let us connect you with talent that suits your work demands.

Using Talent Scout: The Talent Scout program leverages our Community to find you quality creatives to fill your project needs-fast. It is available for both short and long term projects. It helps you skip lengthy hiring processes and saves you time and money.

Hiring A Creative Circle: Send us a brief and we’ll match you with your own personal agency of talented freelancers. Know exactly what you get for your budget, and get more delivered than you expected.

Our freelance service helps creatives who want to access valuable work by reducing the burden of client acquisition and increasing their visibility and access to our great networks. We also provide financial and legal support services that help creatives who want to grow in their practice by freeing them up to focus on the only thing that matters, creating.

Kafunda reduces the time and cost it takes to start creative practice through the provision of physical tools, legal and financial resources and professional mentoring.

Your work is protected if you sign up to work through us.

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