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How to Create Like A Genius!

Creativity is nothing more than collecting and connecting old notions to create new interpretations. The combination of bits of knowledge is what allows us to create an endless amount of ideas.

There is a cultural misconception between the ideation of new concepts, the stroke of genius and how it actually takes place. But all Eureka! Moments aside, the creation of ideas comes down to a simple process: combinatorial creativity.

Combinatorial creativity states that combining existing elements creates a new one. Notable philosophers, artists, and scientists have used this concept.

The creative process demands that you are in a constant learning mode, expanding the information and inspiration that goes into your mind. Not only must you increase the quantity but also the quality of what you consume. That is the first stage of this process, which is lengthy and proactive.

The second stage of this process is to engage in seemingly unrelated experiences. Go for a walk or engage in an activity such as drawing or painting. Let your subconscious mind work for you. By doing so, you will begin to see patterns where there were seemingly none.

What’s important though is you must take your ideas out of the theory stage. There is little value in ideation without conception. You will not be able to execute all ideas you generate. Actually, the majority of your ideas will stay on paper. But those that are worth your time, you must do so.

And as with everything else, only through repetition, you will master this process. There are virtually endless possibilities of using this method and, consequently, creating ideas. Find connections between related as well as unrelated matters.

In conclusion, the first step to producing good new ideas is to fill your mind with old ideas.

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