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How Busy Creatives Plan For December

The end of the calendar year offers a singular opportunity for dedicated reflection, gratitude, and downtime. But for busy creatives, even reflection, gratitude, and downtime require thoughtful planning.

Ritualizing these practices is the key to their success: like holiday traditions, year-end habits are annual commitments to ourselves and the people around us. They evolve as we evolve. And in an era of unprecedented burnout, they give us a rare pause for real examination.

Whether you’re perfecting your own rituals or just starting to establish your habits, these practices are a cheat sheet to winding down the year that was and gearing up for the one ahead.

Tie up loose ends

Bring projects to a close and tidy your physical and digital workspaces so you can take a true pause over the holidays and enter the New Year feeling refreshed and ready.

Celebrate successes

Make time to celebrate your personal or collective achievements from the year, whether by writing them down or announcing them at a gathering with colleagues.

Practice gratitude

Find ways to thank your team, collaborators, clients, and supporters.

Step away from work

Schedule dedicated days (or weeks) for decompression and reflection, and to spend quality time with loved ones.

Set an intention for next year

Consider choosing a word as a theme for the year ahead, or map out your professional and personal goals.

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