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Forget The Myths. This Is the Truth about Freelancing

Many young people today dream of becoming a freelancer because it means no longer having to deal with the daily stresses of a regular job. But as full-time employees, we often aren’t privy to the details about freelancing, and as such, we run into problems and figure that there must be something wrong with freelancing. Too many myths and stereotypes surround the industry for us to see any benefit in turning into a legitimate freelancer.

The interesting thing is that freelancing is on the rise. The freedom, independence and flexibility of working remotely is tempting people back to freelance jobs and small self-employment. Yet many folks continue to hold the old preconceptions: like freelance work isn’t stable enough or can be a ‘scam’. It is high time we addressed some of the greatest myths about freelancing and freelance work.

Freelancers are unemployable:

The fact that they have created their own role doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unemployable. The truth is they choose to be freelancers because they love being independent and being their own boss.

There aren’t meaningful career opportunities for freelancers:

Not true. Recently, due to the effects of the COVID pandemic, companies have made a shift towards remote work and re-imagined their current business models creating more opportunities to available freelancers.

Freelancers have no Work-Life Balance

On the flip side, freelancers often find the flexibility in managing their workloads and earning extra income. Don’t forget that they can work from anywhere too. By setting your own working hours, you are able to take full advantage of your time.

Freelancing is Only Meant for Beginners

Freelancing is an option for everyone including beginners, intermediates and experts, given the availability of all project sizes, scopes and even durations online.

Freelancers are not reliable

The idea that freelancers are unreliable is one of the most common myths. When you hire a freelancer, you are hiring someone with a demonstrable track record of quality work and proven client-relationship skills. If that weren’t the case, they wouldn’t be able to make a living at what they do.

They are not Professional

These people are incredibly resourceful. A freelancer knows how to run a successful business on their own.

They Lack Creativity

The adaptability and commitment to their craft will be apparent in the quality of their work and the perspicacity of their insights.

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