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Florence Kyohangirwe , Co-Founder (EA Scene) on the Need for Creative Spaces and Productivity Tips

The need for creative spaces connects with a profound urge that desires openness, acceptance, learning, and belonging to a community. We are social animals and as hard as it may be to form authentic connections, we search and we try. For creatives, a creative space is more of a place where people gather, work, inspire each other, learn new things, and connect. Participating in the space brings us into relationship with like-minded people who stimulate our thinking. In the creative art space, conformity and support for existing canons are secondary to exploration of the new. Florence Kyohangirwe has joined forces with Alex Roberts to create one of such spaces, after working in the creative sector for years, writing and doing communications work. They saw a need to build a site dedicated to the Arts of the region, something that seemed to be missing especially online. With the EA Scene, they intended to fill that gap. ‘’Well, we seek to highlight and tell the stories of those in and around the Arts communities of East Africa. The region is becoming more interconnected, not less. East Africans travel within the region for festivals, collaborate on projects, follow artists and so on. So our kind of aim is to give more of a spotlight to that, to grow a regional following and bring more attention to really dope individuals and projects in the creative scene from a larger audience. If from time to time we can help inform through pertinent opinions and news, through the lens of the creative sector, all the better.’’ Florence explains ‘’And right now, with COVID-19 it enhances the necessity. Artists are forced to stay at home, and it is hitting the creative space even harder than most industries.’’ Right now, we’re running the #WeCreateEA campaign to highlight and hopefully drive business towards artists. The last couple months have helped to show what we’ve been thinking: that East African arts are totally underrated, vastly underpaid and are doing incredible stuff, so ultimately the EA Scene has a long term goal of being the go-to publication for the Arts of East Africa. What Creatives Should do more of to put their work, skill and talent out there Utilize what is at hand, without relying on others who are outside the space. By that, I mean make the most of the internet and your social channels, and on-top of growing an audience within them, use them to create a network within your space. Trust yourself and not people who say that your work isn’t valuable, it is. In fact you can approach us at EA Scene, if what you’re doing something dope, we’ll highlight you. Additionally look to resources like EA Scene, Creatives Garage and Kafunda Kreatives for furthering your network and projects. By all means seek out information about anyone that you’re working with on a project- do background research to ensure that they aren’t scamming you in some way. Florence is a journalist, social activist, and PR & Communications specialist. She is also the co-founder of an Arts, Culture and Activism news site

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