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Finding the Right Balance in a Creative Partnership

When it comes to creative partnerships, the balance is often uneven. You find that one member is the public face, the other, the behind-the-scenes executor; one is the creative genius, the other, the brain behind operations.

While some continue to thrive as collaborators, why is it hard for other duos to follow suite?

The truth is that when it comes to creating a unique ideal partnership, work should be done 50/50. Have an idea, and dedicate the rest of the year to making it come to fruition. It is important for each member to embody a bit of the dreamer and a bit of the executer.

Being a dreamer is hugely important because it allows us to think beyond what is traditionally possible. It allows us to conceive of what might be. But then the follow-up is equally important. Just because you can imagine something, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. You have to go and put in the laborious effort that it’s going take to actualize that idea and both partners must have a keen understanding of that.

Find a way to cooperate that does not mean that someone’s creative abilities are stifled or compromised. Find a way to collaborate so that both people feel fully expressed. If one person feels stifled that’s just a ticking time bomb.

While you are at it, ensure that you find the right work/play balance as creative partners or ensure there’s as little distinction between the two as possible.

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