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Eleanor Nabwiso On How To Choose The Next Story To Tell In Film

Award winning actress, producer and director , Eleanor Nabwiso is one of the most celebrated women in Uganda’s film industry. She believes that Art forms like film and television are vital in helping spark vital conversations about how the world's most vulnerable groups of people are treated.

Choosing the Next Story to Tell

‘’I believe everyone has a different style in film. For me, I believe in changing people’s lives through film so my best approach is to bring life to my stories through producing films with stories people can relate to. I consider a lot including culture, style, fashion and trending topics! I let the audience give me my next story. Because they are my consumers. If I know the audience will relate, then the story is easily brought to life by keeping it culturally and morally captivating.’’

Nabwiso says it’s important for Africa to confront some of its biggest social ills, and that the freedom of expression that movies and social media offers creatives like herself are the perfect tools.

Eleanor Nabwiso is a Ugandan actress, producer, director and television personality. She is known for her work on numerous productions including; The Hostel, Rain, Beneath the Lies –The Series , Bed of Thorns etc. She owns a production company called Nabwiso Films which she set up together with her husband Mathew Nabwiso.

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