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Edward Nimusiima on How Creatives can get great results while working with an Agency

Most freelancers are always up for any task thrown at them, as long as it fits their skill set and talent. They are are open to working with pretty much anyone. You may have engaged an agency for your next big project, but are you prepared to deliver on your end? Working with an agency is a partnership and by learning more about what they need to succeed you can lay a stronger foundation for great results. Edward Nimusiima, a copywriter at TBWA Uganda shares a few tips on how you can get started. Understand the brief/task: Whether you’re a freelancer or staff, it is important that you first, understand the brief and scope of work so that there’s no back-and-forth.

Collaborations are key to getting great results. I find many creatives very selfish in the way they execute their work. You’re good, fine, but collaborations will make you even better. Reach out to fellow creatives. If you’re a copywriter, reach out to the art director/designer and deliver something sexy. Push for an Agreement /Contract: If you’re a freelancer, kindly push for an agreement or contract. Many freelancers move blindly without direction. That contract/agreement will help you when it comes to payments and any other things you might need clarity on.

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