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Design Hub Kampala Is Now Circular Design Hub

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Design Hub is excited about this new era as 'Circular Design Hub' as they look to partner with front runners within the Circular Innovation ecosystem both locally and internationally.

At inception in April 2017, the empty warehouse was transformed into an artistic workspace with the intent to create an unconventional and collaborative work environment for the entrepreneurial world.

The unconventional space continues to present the possibilities that come with sharing, engaging and collaborating with other like-minded creatives in a diverse community.

The Collaborative Board

This new partnership will see members from both spaces enjoy benefits and special packages as a joint team . There is currently a call targeting both local and international businesses pivoted around circularity to join the space.

This new partnership with Close The Gap Kenya brings more than new pathways for growth but diversifies the opportunities with impact on so many fronts.

The launch saw some front runners in the circular economy share Insightful pitches.

Join the community today which now extends to Mombasa Visit our website to explore the new website, brand, and packages.

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