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'Creative Talks Africa' Goes Online

Due to the Covid-19 effects, it has become increasingly clear to the creators of ‘Creative Talks Africa’ that they need to adjust how they have been programming some of their activities. In order to continue promoting intercultural dialogue through technology whilst using various digital platforms, the need to keep sparking conversations that matter; cutting across culture, creativity, arts and society are important.

To that effect, the Creative Talks Africa project will premier online sessions with their first episode happening this Friday starting at 3PM under the topic: “Crisis, Racism & Creativity " which is in light with prevailing events that have dominated our mainstream media over the past few months.

With guests including Lesham Kenogo Allan Christopher + Jànos Bisasso & moderated by Wabwire, they will explore how Creative people are navigating these times and continuing to be the hope that everyone desires.

The sessions will be streamed Live on our Twitter, YouTube+ Facebook channels. It is a production partnership with the ChopHouse Studio who are helping to direct the series and offer valuable support in its success.

Creative Talks Africa sessions are hosted at Design Hub Kampala and highlight professional East African Culture & Art influencers who are trailblazing within the creative industry to share their ideas, thoughts and experiences with a curious audience intentional about learning and networking.

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